How PROPHET II Makes Social Media Searches Simple

Social media is where everyone goes to make themselves and their lives available to the public.

Is it weird? A little bit.

Is it a wonderful place to start a sourcing journey? Absolutely.

Sourcing often has a bit of a love/hate relationship with social media and for good reason. Social media can be a goldmine of qualified candidates with portfolios linked in their bios and totally open to having a conversation with you. It can also be an ice-cold pond filled with memes and grumpy folks complaining about how they just can’t stand whatever Marvel movie just came out.

We talked a little bit about how you can build yourself up on social media over on the HiringSolved blog, but how can you use social media to find the perfect candidates? Let’s point out a couple of things you should remember first.

Remember Social Media is Entirely Personal

Unless you’re looking at someone’s work profile (which yes, some people have and it’s not a terrible idea), you’re going to be looking at something that is exceptionally personal. It’s possible they don’t share too much about their work or their work experience upfront so you’ll need to do some decent digging if you feel they’re worth the effort.

It’s Not the Ultimate Solution

Yeah, this isn’t a fun one to make clear but it’s important. You won’t find everything you need on social media. Would it be great if you did? Of course! But that’s just not reality. It’s a starting point and a great addition to your strategy, but it shouldn’t be your entire strategy.

Now, on to how to make it work for you.

PROPHET II can provide not just the contact information of the person whose profile you’re looking at, but it can also show you the other social media/internet profiles they have out there. Maybe they’ve got a Medium account with some blog posts that you can check out before reaching out to them. Maybe they have a second or third Twitter account that they use only for work. Getting a list to all of their profiles in seconds makes it far easier to put in the research needed to reach out with an opening conversation that suits them.

You can go beyond the one-to-one search feature to utilize the brand-new search interface. In the new search interface, you can see a candidate’s name next to a list of various profiles so that you can quickly get researching. PROPHET II pulls data from anything not behind a paywall so you can be sure that you’re getting a comprehensive look at what a candidate is sharing on the internet.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re using the networks that your candidates will be in. Different industries are more readily found on different networks so be sure to be looking in the right places. While content writers will probably have quite a bit of work available on a site like Medium, they may not be as prevalent on Facebook. Being sure to check all of the available networks will make sure you’re getting the whole picture.

When PROPHET II finds the contact information, the ball is in your court! Involve yourself in conversations. Ask questions. Like, retweet, and share when something strikes your fancy. Remember that social media is meant to be just that…social. Get out there and mingle.

Do you have social media rules that you swear by when you’re sourcing or recruiting? Let us know so we can share them!