How To: Expert Mode

Let’s say that you’re a boolean fan. You love putting together those search strings and getting as specific as possible to find your candidate. If that’s the case, Expert Search on PROPHET was created just for you. This post will be short and sweet because we want to show you how to enable Expert Search and then leave you to get searching!

To get to Expert Search, you enter a code that’s well-known to gamers worldwide: The Konami Code.

To enable Expert Search:

When you’re on the search screen, hit: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right (on the arrow keys), then B, A.

This will add Expert Search to your PROPHET capabilities. Once you’ve entered it one time, it’s there. From then on, you can simply toggle between Smart Search and Expert Search.

From there, just enter either the boolean string you’re searching through or use the Smart Search to find your perfect candidate!