PROPHET is Built on Lists

In addition to the brand new search interface and updated search capabilities, the new PROPHET has had a major overhaul to its organizing capabilities. Lists are one of the most underutilized functions of PROPHET and that should change. Here’s the deal on lists.

With PROPHET, an organized list of candidates is easy to create and implement into your existing tech stack. PROPHET lists can be transferred to any ATS, CRM, email marketing software, or platform of your choice. Add up to 20 candidates to lists each day for free, or add up to 200 per day with PROPHET Pro. (NOTE: Adding a candidate to a list does reveal their email address and therefore uses a credit.)

Building a list allows you to organize the thousands of candidates your searches return into whatever pools you need them to be apart of. From grouping the Southern California candidates to putting all of the people on GitHub together, whatever your organizational preferences are, lists will do the trick. 

Want to see what lists you have in your account? Simply click “Lists” at the top of the PROPHET search interface.

You can always just keep your lists in PROPHET, but they can easily be added to your existing tech stack. With a quick click of the “Export” button, you can download a CSV or Excel file with each candidate’s name, job title, company, location, websites, and even their email address!