Create and Fill a PROPHET List in Under 60 Seconds

When you’re dealing with contacting and communicating with 100s of (or more) candidates, organization is key…that’s where PROPHET lists can help. In 60 seconds or less, you can perform a candidate search, create a new candidate list, and add your search results to any of your created lists. From there you can even export the lists to a CSV file so they can be imported to your ATS or CRM.

Perform a Candidate Search
Search hundreds of millions of candidates and source a list of individuals who meet every one of your requirements. Search for candidates with specific skills like JavaScript, Python, public speaking, customer service, or just about anything else. Filter your results by location, experience, social media presence, and so much more.

Create a New Candidate List
PROPHET lets you create an unlimited number of candidate lists – collections of candidates grouped by skills, location, open recs, or anything else.

Add Qualified Candidates to a New List
Add a single candidate, an entire page, or the entire result set to a PROPHET List. Save your list, add and remove candidates at any time, and share lists with your team with PROPHET Enterprise. We’ll also try and find an email address for every candidate on the list.

Export Any List to Your ATS or CRM
Every PROPHET List is exportable to CSV, and includes each candidate’s name, titles, and email address when available. Each List CSV can be imported into any ATS or CRM (or both).

Take a look at the video below to see a search in action. We even added a timer to prove that, yes, you can do it in less than 60 seconds.