What’s New in PROPHET

The PROPHET team is constantly creating a better version of PROPHET because we believe that you, the user, deserve the best. Here’s what we’ve been working on in the last month.

Over 500,000 Updated Profiles
We’re constantly updating data in PROPHET, and have added or updated over half a million profiles in the last month!

See Who Works At Over 100 Companies
111,785 at Apple. 27,229 at Salesforce. 145,973 at Microsoft. PROPHET shows you who works (or worked) at some of the top companies in the world, so you can source the best talent available.

Add 2,000 Candidates to Lists and Find 2,000 Emails EACH DAY
A PROPHET Extreme subscription lets you find up to 2,000 individual email addresses or add up to 2,000 people to any list each day – nearly unlimited usage! See Pricing

Advanced Queries on Any Paid Plan
Immediately unlock advanced querying after upgrading to any PROPHET subscription plan. Previously only available for Enterprise customers, advanced queries let you use SQL like Boolean syntax to query the entire PROPHET database in seconds! Learn About Expert Search

Over a Dozen Bug Fixes
No one likes bugs, and we’re working hard to knock them out – expect an overall more reliable experience moving forward.