How PROPHET II Makes Social Media Searches Simple

Social media is where everyone goes to make themselves and their lives available to the public.

Is it weird? A little bit.

Is it a wonderful place to start a sourcing journey? Absolutely.

Sourcing often has a bit of a love/hate relationship with social media and for good reason. Social media can be a goldmine of qualified candidates with portfolios linked in their bios and totally open to having a conversation with you. It can also be an ice-cold pond filled with memes and grumpy folks complaining about how they just can’t stand whatever Marvel movie just came out.

We talked a little bit about how you can build yourself up on social media over on the HiringSolved blog, but how can you use social media to find the perfect candidates? Let’s point out a couple of things you should remember first.

Remember Social Media is Entirely Personal

Unless you’re looking at someone’s work profile (which yes, some people have and it’s not a terrible idea), you’re going to be looking at something that is exceptionally personal. It’s possible they don’t share too much about their work or their work experience upfront so you’ll need to do some decent digging if you feel they’re worth the effort.

It’s Not the Ultimate Solution

Yeah, this isn’t a fun one to make clear but it’s important. You won’t find everything you need on social media. Would it be great if you did? Of course! But that’s just not reality. It’s a starting point and a great addition to your strategy, but it shouldn’t be your entire strategy.

Now, on to how to make it work for you.

PROPHET II can provide not just the contact information of the person whose profile you’re looking at, but it can also show you the other social media/internet profiles they have out there. Maybe they’ve got a Medium account with some blog posts that you can check out before reaching out to them. Maybe they have a second or third Twitter account that they use only for work. Getting a list to all of their profiles in seconds makes it far easier to put in the research needed to reach out with an opening conversation that suits them.

You can go beyond the one-to-one search feature to utilize the brand-new search interface. In the new search interface, you can see a candidate’s name next to a list of various profiles so that you can quickly get researching. PROPHET II pulls data from anything not behind a paywall so you can be sure that you’re getting a comprehensive look at what a candidate is sharing on the internet.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re using the networks that your candidates will be in. Different industries are more readily found on different networks so be sure to be looking in the right places. While content writers will probably have quite a bit of work available on a site like Medium, they may not be as prevalent on Facebook. Being sure to check all of the available networks will make sure you’re getting the whole picture.

When PROPHET II finds the contact information, the ball is in your court! Involve yourself in conversations. Ask questions. Like, retweet, and share when something strikes your fancy. Remember that social media is meant to be just that…social. Get out there and mingle.

Do you have social media rules that you swear by when you’re sourcing or recruiting? Let us know so we can share them!

PROPHET II Easter Eggs You Should Know

If you didn’t know this yet, the PROPHET/HiringSolved team is made up of a bunch of old-school nerds. Our childhoods were filled with video games and their companion cheat codes and Easter eggs. So when our engineering team grew up and created PROPHET II, you know they threw in some Easter eggs.

Now, since it’s Easter weekend, we figure it’s appropriate to start sharing a couple of our favorites. (Get it? Easter…Easter eggs…we thought it was clever.)

Expert Mode

This is the Easter egg that we’ve been sharing with pretty much everyone. That’s how proud of it we are.

Have you heard of the Konami Code? It was a code that gave you 30 extra lives in the original Contra. Since then it has been used throughout Konami games and has become a bit of a cornerstone for gaming codes. So we threw it into P2. Let’s show you how to use it to get to Expert Mode.

Step One:

Open P2 in a new tab. (Click on the extension and click the magnifying glass in the upper right.)

Step Two:

Enter in the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) in one swift movement.

Step Three:

Boom! Expert Mode enabled.

Expert Mode allows you to search via boolean string so you can get into those specific searches that you need.

For example, let’s say you were looking for a…Software Engineers/Software Developers/Frontend Developers in San Francisco/San Diego/Los Angeles that graduated college in 2016 that have worked or currently work for Google/Facebook/Amazon/Uber/Microsoft

You translate that into a boolean string of…title:(“software engineer” OR “software developer” OR “frontend developer”) location:(“san francisco” OR “san diego” OR “los angeles”) last_edu.end:2016 OR facebook OR amazon OR uber OR microsoft)

And in seconds you’ve got about 426 results to get started with.

(Shout out to our very own Dan Louks for creating that search!)

If you need a little bit of assistance, hit the text at the bottom right of the screen that says “<Expert mode hints>” to get started.

Cyber Search

When we created P2 we knew we wanted there to be an option to do similar search. We wanted people to be able to drop in a resume and find people who were similar. Now we could have just allowed you to drop in the file and let P2 do the rest of the work, but we decided to make it a little more visually interesting.

That’s right. When you drop in a resume, you get a lovely Tron-style screen. Yes, we did this because it just looks really cool.

Beyond just dropping in the resume, you can also then use the search sidebar to update the search to focus on certain locations, specific job titles, etc.

Give these features a shot and let us know what you think!

Beta Release Update: Resume Upload Improvements & Reset Button

Hello PROPHET II fans! Whether you’re already trying out the PROPHET II Beta or are patiently waiting for an invitation, we wanted to let you know about some of the recent updates that you should take note of.

– Use a location filter in conjunction with an uploaded resumé for improved similar candidate results

– Use any other search fields, including location & past employers, to further refine your results from a resumé upload

– Use the newly improved Reset Button to clear search filters & results, allowing for a fresh search anytime!

We also created a video so you can see the features in action. Over to one of our Customer Success Managers, Dan!

Welcome to PROPHET II

We’ve had thousands of people waiting to get access to it. We’ve had bloggers and TA professionals using it and testing it, telling us what works, and what doesn’t. It’s been a string of long nights and busy days with our team killing it every step of the way.

We can’t thank our private beta testers or our team enough for the magic that they created with this extension, but enough about that…let’s talk PROPHET II.

PROPHET II is an AI-powered Chrome extension that allows talent acquisition (TA) professionals to access the data and contact information they need about the candidates they want to work with. Since PROPHET II’s private beta release, sourcers, recruiters, and TA professionals alike have been using it to solve the age-old problem: How do I find the perfect candidate and how do I get in touch with them?

In public beta, PROPHET II is now available to the world. To get access, all you need to do is fill out the form on this page and we’ll let you know when it’s your turn to start using PROPHET II and changing the way you source.

On this blog we’ll be sharing everything that you need to know including all of the details on the beta process, tips & tricks to make your workday easier, and all-you-can-ingest when it comes to PROPHET II content!

We always love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter or fill out our contact form if you have any questions, concerns, or you just want to tell us how much you love PROPHET II.