What’s New in PROPHET

The PROPHET team is constantly creating a better version of PROPHET because we believe that you, the user, deserve the best. Here’s what we’ve been working on in the last month.

Over 500,000 Updated Profiles
We’re constantly updating data in PROPHET, and have added or updated over half a million profiles in the last month!

See Who Works At Over 100 Companies
111,785 at Apple. 27,229 at Salesforce. 145,973 at Microsoft. PROPHET shows you who works (or worked) at some of the top companies in the world, so you can source the best talent available.

Add 2,000 Candidates to Lists and Find 2,000 Emails EACH DAY
A PROPHET Extreme subscription lets you find up to 2,000 individual email addresses or add up to 2,000 people to any list each day – nearly unlimited usage! See Pricing

Advanced Queries on Any Paid Plan
Immediately unlock advanced querying after upgrading to any PROPHET subscription plan. Previously only available for Enterprise customers, advanced queries let you use SQL like Boolean syntax to query the entire PROPHET database in seconds! Learn About Expert Search

Over a Dozen Bug Fixes
No one likes bugs, and we’re working hard to knock them out – expect an overall more reliable experience moving forward.

75% More Coverage With Updated Email Prediction Capabilities

The latest update to PROPHET delivers up to 75% better email coverage – so when you request a candidate’s email address, you’ll see accurate email addresses more often than ever before!

Before, if PROPHET didn’t find an email, you may have been asked to “Enter domain to find email” in order to generate an email on many profiles. As of today, PROPHET’s enhanced ability to predict emails means that you won’t need to put in a domain as often. You should also see an increase in email matches across all searches.

We are expecting that after this update there will be 75% more emails in search results!

We are constantly producing updates based on user feedback so if you have thoughts, concerns, or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter!

HiringSolved Modernizes Candidate Sourcing with PROPHET II, PROPHET Pro

See the original press release here.

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HiringSolved, the leader in AI-powered software for recruiting and talent acquisition automation, announced today the launch of PROPHET II and PROPHET Pro, expanding its industry-leading social enrichment experience by adding valuable data recruiters need to find quality candidates.

“With PROPHET II, we’re combining HiringSolved’s award-winning AI software with a world-class database of hundreds of millions of open web profiles to build an unbeatable candidate sourcing tool,” HiringSolved CEO Shon Burton said. “Other software struggles to compare and similar tools cost thousands of dollars more. We are releasing a tool that no recruiter can live without and all recruiters can afford to use.”

PROPHET II utilizes an all-new AI-powered search interface that lets sourcers and recruiters easily find qualified candidates from hundreds of millions of records, which can then be added to lists and exported to any system. Users can search and identify qualified individuals with any combination of specific skills, job titles, past employers, experience, and geographic location. At launch, all users get up to 600 candidate profiles per month, for free.

PROPHET Pro enables recruiters to receive information on 6,000 new candidates each month at an introductory price of $50 per month, providing over 30 times more credits than the leading competitor at nearly half the monthly cost. PROPHET Pro also includes an Advanced Expert Search mode, which unlocks more data and the industry’s most robust Boolean search capability.

Initially launched in 2014, PROPHET now boasts over 70,000 professional users. PROPHET II expands its capabilities by adding valuable data about employers, job titles, and additional social profiles to individual profiles on Twitter, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook, Meetup, and others.

In a recent review of PROPHET II for SourceCon, recruiter Jeremy Da Costa said, “PROPHET II is a great tool that has moved from a simple contact-finding tool to a legit sourcing intelligence tool.”

Check out this website to learn more about how recruiters and talent acquisition leaders benefit from PROPHET II and PROPHET Pro.

What You Need to Know About PROPHET

PROPHET is officially available for everyone to download and use!

We’ve made some updates to the tiers that are available. PROPHET can still be used for free, but we have created more options for power users who need more credits per day and for larger teams to have the ability to work collaboratively.

The Tiers

PROPHET has three tier options so that you can choose exactly what is right for you.

Free: The Free tier includes 20 credits a day (keep reading to find what a credit is). Free users still get access to all of the features that PROPHET has including, resume search, expert mode, and list building capabilities.

Pro: $50/month gets you 200 credits per day. You’ll also get access to self-service training and email support should you need some help.

Enterprise: The Enterprise tier is the perfect addition to your company’s tech stack. You’ll get unlimited credits for every user on your license. We’ll provide you with live training as well as email and live support. We will also provide data compliance and information security audit support.

What Is Included:

Search Interface:

Job Title: Search by one or more job titles in order to find candidates with the experience you’re looking for.

Location: Need someone in a specific area? Limit your search to specific cities anywhere in the world.

Companies: When you’re looking for a candidate who has worked for specific companies, you could spend hours digging through resumes and employment histories…or you could just type the company into the Companies search box.

Skills: From Python to public speaking, search for the skills you need your candidates to have.

Exclusions: Refine your search by excluding the skills you don’t want your talent to have.

Social Profiles: Adding social profiles to your search means that you can not only find your candidates but also see what they are sharing on the internet.

Expert Mode: Don’t fretBoolean fanatics! Our Expert Mode allows you to search by Boolean string. We’ve even included some hints in case you need any help.

Cyber Match: Drag and drop a resume into PROPHET and find candidates with a similar background.

Heads Up Display

On-page Contact Information: When visiting an online profile of someone who looks like a great candidate, click on the PROPHET icon in the right-hand corner to get a list of their other social profiles, as well as their email address, so you can reach out.

Turn One Profile Into Many: Turn a candidate’s existing social profile into a list of all of their other social profiles – right in your browser.

Add to Any List: Never forget where you stumbled across your latest prospect by adding potential candidates to a sourcing list directly from the HUD.

Attach Notes Directly to a Profile: Keep your thoughts about a candidate in PROPHET itself so you never lose track. Share those notes with your team members when using PROPHET Enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?
1 credit equals 1 candidate’s info. While using the search is always free, the credits come into play when revealing a candidate’s info.

Why is PROPHET free?
Because we believe that practitioners deserve free tools that make their workdays easier. Our paid tiers provide more credits and security audits should teams require them, but we want to make sure that if it’s needed, everyone can use PROPHET for free.

How do I install PROPHET?
You can download PROPHET directly from the Chrome store here.

I’ve got questions. Where do I go for help?
Enterprise customers will be given the contact info for their personal support team member. Everyone else can get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

Welcome to PROPHET II

We’ve had thousands of people waiting to get access to it. We’ve had bloggers and TA professionals using it and testing it, telling us what works, and what doesn’t. It’s been a string of long nights and busy days with our team killing it every step of the way.

We can’t thank our private beta testers or our team enough for the magic that they created with this extension, but enough about that…let’s talk PROPHET II.

PROPHET II is an AI-powered Chrome extension that allows talent acquisition (TA) professionals to access the data and contact information they need about the candidates they want to work with. Since PROPHET II’s private beta release, sourcers, recruiters, and TA professionals alike have been using it to solve the age-old problem: How do I find the perfect candidate and how do I get in touch with them?

In public beta, PROPHET II is now available to the world. To get access, all you need to do is fill out the form on this page and we’ll let you know when it’s your turn to start using PROPHET II and changing the way you source.

On this blog we’ll be sharing everything that you need to know including all of the details on the beta process, tips & tricks to make your workday easier, and all-you-can-ingest when it comes to PROPHET II content!

We always love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter or fill out our contact form if you have any questions, concerns, or you just want to tell us how much you love PROPHET II.