Sourcing by Uploading a Job Description

Job descriptions are great. They have the power to tell a recruiter exactly who to look for; what skills are needed, what experience they should have, what their personality should be like, and more. The disconnect normally comes in the gap between getting a well-crafted job description and finding the candidates that match it. PROPHET makes it easy to fix that disconnect. Simply drag and drop a job description into PROPHET and get thousands of the exact candidates you’re looking for.

Turn a Job Description into Candidates with the Needed Skills
Don’t spend hours searching for people who match the description. PROPHET will take care of it for you in seconds.

Make Searching Easy
Give your searching skills a break and just drag and drop. PROPHET’s technology will take it from there. No endless search queries, no parsing what’s really needed, PROPHET has you covered. 

Filter Results as Needed
After the search is complete, you can further refine the results using the Smart Search feature just like you would when creating a search from scratch.

If you want to learn step-by-step how to source thousands of candidates simply by uploading a job description, click here.

Sourcing by Uploading a Resume

As a recruiter, there is undoubtedly an untapped gold mine of resumes in your data. What if you could take one of those resumes and turn it into hundreds or thousands of others? With PROPHET’s Cyber Match, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the file!

Turn One Resume Into Many
Using a stellar resume as the basis for your search makes finding comparable candidates a breeze.

Make Searching Easy
Give your searching skills a break by simply dragging and dropping in the resume. PROPHET’s technology will take it from there so you can spend more time creating the positive human interaction that candidates need.

Filter Results as Needed
Love the resume but need someone in a different location? No problem! After the search is complete, you can further refine the results using the Smart Search feature just like you would when creating a search from scratch.

If you want to learn step-by-step how to source thousands of candidates simply by uploading a resume, click here.

Expert Search – Only in PROPHET Pro

Some people love searching via the PROPHET Search Interface. Some people like to drag and drop a resume or a job description. Some people like to use Boolean logic to create their searches. With PROPHET, you can search however you prefer.

Expert Mode Search allows users to utilize their Boolean skills to get an even more specific search. Build complex queries that filter results to exactly the candidates you’re looking for.

With PROPHET Pro, Expert Search Mode comes automatically enabled. You can toggle between Smart Search (the standard search interface) and Expert Search at the top of the page.

If you want to get your hands on Expert Mode, get started here.

See Who Works at Top US Companies

PROPHET is built to help you source people with the experience that you need. We now have a brand-new way for you to do that!

You now have the ability to visit a company’s website and immediately see a list of candidates who work there!

The companies included in this update are:
Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Apple, AT&T, IBM, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Kaiser Permanente, Facebook, Oracle, Target, Deloitte, Intel, Lockheed Martin, EY, Boeing, UPS, Citi, Accenture, Cisco, Chase, Home Depot, PWC, United Health Group, GM, Salesforce, Verizon, Morgan Stanley, Walgreens, Fidelity, Capital One, Macys, Raytheon, Ford, ADP, Uber, Comcast, American Airlines, Starbucks, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lowe’s, US Bank, Allstate, Goldman Sachs, Pepsi, Delta, Liberty Mutual, Pfizer, Northrop Grumman, CVS, and Disney.

And this is just the start!

While we’re kicking things off with these 50 companies, we’ll continue to add more companies to the list each week.

SEARCH TIP: Want to search for a company not yet on this list? No problem! Remember you can also use the PROPHET Search Interface to search by “current company.” To do so, input the desired companies in the “Companies” box and select “Current.”

Create and Fill a PROPHET List in Under 60 Seconds

When you’re dealing with contacting and communicating with 100s of (or more) candidates, organization is key…that’s where PROPHET lists can help. In 60 seconds or less, you can perform a candidate search, create a new candidate list, and add your search results to any of your created lists. From there you can even export the lists to a CSV file so they can be imported to your ATS or CRM.

Perform a Candidate Search
Search hundreds of millions of candidates and source a list of individuals who meet every one of your requirements. Search for candidates with specific skills like JavaScript, Python, public speaking, customer service, or just about anything else. Filter your results by location, experience, social media presence, and so much more.

Create a New Candidate List
PROPHET lets you create an unlimited number of candidate lists – collections of candidates grouped by skills, location, open recs, or anything else.

Add Qualified Candidates to a New List
Add a single candidate, an entire page, or the entire result set to a PROPHET List. Save your list, add and remove candidates at any time, and share lists with your team with PROPHET Enterprise. We’ll also try and find an email address for every candidate on the list.

Export Any List to Your ATS or CRM
Every PROPHET List is exportable to CSV, and includes each candidate’s name, titles, and email address when available. Each List CSV can be imported into any ATS or CRM (or both).

Take a look at the video below to see a search in action. We even added a timer to prove that, yes, you can do it in less than 60 seconds.

PROPHET is Built on Lists

In addition to the brand new search interface and updated search capabilities, the new PROPHET has had a major overhaul to its organizing capabilities. Lists are one of the most underutilized functions of PROPHET and that should change. Here’s the deal on lists.

With PROPHET, an organized list of candidates is easy to create and implement into your existing tech stack. PROPHET lists can be transferred to any ATS, CRM, email marketing software, or platform of your choice. Add up to 20 candidates to lists each day for free, or add up to 200 per day with PROPHET Pro. (NOTE: Adding a candidate to a list does reveal their email address and therefore uses a credit.)

Building a list allows you to organize the thousands of candidates your searches return into whatever pools you need them to be apart of. From grouping the Southern California candidates to putting all of the people on GitHub together, whatever your organizational preferences are, lists will do the trick. 

Want to see what lists you have in your account? Simply click “Lists” at the top of the PROPHET search interface.

You can always just keep your lists in PROPHET, but they can easily be added to your existing tech stack. With a quick click of the “Export” button, you can download a CSV or Excel file with each candidate’s name, job title, company, location, websites, and even their email address!

Sourcing Candidates with the Widget

Social media is one of the best places to really learn who a candidate is and see if they would be a good fit for the position you’re sourcing for. With one click, the PROPHET widget enriches social profiles and provides the info that you need to get in touch with your perfect candidate.

The PROPHET widget works on numerous social sites including Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, and more.

On-Page Contact Information
When visiting an online profile of someone who looks like a great candidate, click on the PROPHET icon in the right-hand corner to get a list of their other social profiles, as well as their predicted contact info, so you can reach out.

Turn One Profile Into Many
Turn a candidate’s existing social profile into a list of all of their social profiles – without leaving the PROPHET widget.

Add to Any List
Never forget where you stumbled across your latest prospect by adding potential candidates to a list directly from the social widget.

When used with the PROPHET Search Interface, your one candidate can even become thousands of candidates. The PROPHET widget is the perfect addition to your sourcing tech stack.