Enrich Any Candidate’s Social Profile

The PROPHET widget magically appears on most social profiles around the web. Click the extension button and see anyone’s enriched social profile on Twitter, GitHub, and more.

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On-Page Contact Information

When visiting an online profile of someone who looks like a great candidate, click on the PROPHET icon in the right-hand corner to get a list of their other social profiles, as well as their predicted contact info, so you can reach out.


Turn One Profile Into Many

Turn a candidate’s existing social profile into a list of all of their social profiles – right in your browser.


Add to Any List

Never forget where you stumbled across your latest prospect by adding potential candidates to a list directly from the social widget.


Attach Notes Directly to a Profile

Keep your thoughts about a candidate in PROPHET itself so you never lose track. Share those notes with your team members when using PROPHET Enterprise.

PROPHET Sources Candidates from Hundreds of Millions of Profiles

Retrieve email addresses and phone numbers of the best candidates in the world. Search for candidates by location, experience, employer history, and so much more.