Source the Perfect Candidate

PROPHET’s search interface allows users to find thousands of individuals who meet any criteria without leaving the search screen, letting you find the talent you need in seconds.

Search For (Almost) Anyone

Query across billions of data points using the brand-new search interface. Search via job title, company, skills, location, and more.

Multiple Search Options

Search using the PROPHET interface, through Boolean search strings, by dropping in a resume, or even using RAI, our voice-powered AI assistant.

Find Email Addresses & Phone Numbers

Find email addresses & phone numbers for almost anyone with PROPHET’s enormous database and advanced prediction algorithms.

Job Titles: Past & Present

Filter thousands of results down to the candidates with the exact professional experience needed.

Filter by Location, Company, Skills, & More

Search by location, current or past employer, and even specific skills. Whatever knowledge your candidates need to hold, whether it’s being a chef, writing JavaScript and Python, public speaking, customer service, or anything else you can think of, you can search for it.

Every Candidate’s Information in One Place

Job titles, social profiles, contact information, location, and so much more – right on one screen.

Save One or Multiple Contacts to any List

When all of the candidates on the list are what you’re looking for, click “Save this page to list” to save all of them at once. Use the PROPHET II HUD to add potential candidates to lists without leaving their social media profile.

Search How You Want to Search

Search by Uploading a Resume

Drag and drop an existing resume into PROPHET’s search interface in order to find more candidates with similar experience. PROPHET’s technology pulls data from the imported resume to create a search for comparable skills.

Search in Expert Mode

Expert Mode allows users to utilize their Boolean skills to get an even more specific search. Build complex queries that filter results to exactly the candidates you’re looking for.

Search With Your Voice

Use RAI, our voice-powered AI assistant, to make your searching even more efficient and let it do the work for you. It’s as easy as having a conversation.