Modern Solutions for the Modern Recruiter

PROPHET is designed to be fast. Really fast. Fast enough to solve your biggest problems without disrupting your existing workflow.

Search for Candidates Enrich Social Profiles

Find Anyone’s Contact Information

PROPHET helps you contact anyone with a social profile on the web by identifying and predicting their name, email address, phone number, and additional social profiles.

Find Social Profiles & Web Presence

Expand your candidate universe by qualifying individuals based on their existing web presence. PROPHET not only provides contact information, but also links to multiple social networks. This allows you to understand the candidate from all sides, whether at work or at play.

Group Similar Candidates

Group candidates into logical collections of individuals with lists, directly within the PROPHET plugin. Segment, filter, and move candidates between lists to ensure your candidate sourcing workflow is streamlined and organized.

Expand Candidate Universe

Need to expand your universe of potential candidates? PROPHET provides a simple search interface that allows you to find thousands of individuals who meet your criteria all on one screen. Search by location, current or past employers, specific skills, and much more.

Diversify the Candidate Pool

Diversity of people leads to diversity of ideas, which fosters innovation, creativity, and success. PROPHET provides an analysis of just how diverse a list or search is, making it easy to ensure you’re including the best talent available.

Move Lists to Any Platform

PROPHET makes sourcing new candidates easy, and engaging with those candidates even easier. Export your lists and searches to CSV or Excel files, and import into your CRM, ATS, or any other tool and maintain your existing workflow.

Collaborate on Candidate Lists

The modern recruiter works with a team of others, and PROPHET encourages that collaboration. Want more opinions on a candidate? Add notes and comments to a candidate that your entire team can see and reply to.

Source Candidates Based on a Resume

Looking for new candidates similar to an individual resume you already have? PROPHET will build a list of potential candidates with qualifications similar to that resume, allowing you to quickly find multiple candidates and filter them with PROPHET’s search tools.