How To: Export a List

When you’ve found exactly who you’re looking for in PROPHET, you’re going to want to import them into your company’s tracking system. Thankfully, that’s easy to do!

Step One: Create a list
Lists can be created in a couple of ways. In the widget, click the plus button and select the list to add the candidate to. In the search interface, hit the plus button or save the entire page to a list. Then you can name the list whatever you’d like to keep things organized. If you have an existing list, simply select it from the drop down to add candidates to that list.

Step Two: Export the list
Select “Lists” from the PROPHET toolbar and click the down arrow next to the list title to download it. You can choose to download it as a CSV or an Excel file depending on what you need.

The exported file will have all of the info you can find in PROPHET: name, job title, company, social profile URLs, and email address.

Step Three: Import into your tech stack
Every ATS and CRM has a different import system so now that you have the file, you can import it to wherever you need.

Want to see these steps in action?
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